Sunday, April 12, 2009

Posting comments

Keen observers of this blog will notice that the post about towing has been removed. It was based on a sincere remark by someone I know who drew a parallel to golfer Casey Martin. The overwhelming consensus of comments was that the comment was stupid and that I was even more stupid for posting it. Fair enough. 

It also provoked many abusive personal comments, so I think that at least for a while I am going to change the blog's comment settings. You will now need to provide an OpenID to post here.

OpenID's are easy to get. You very probably already have an online identity that will work as an OpenID. Click on the link for more information. 

1 comment:

Chris D. said...


I thank you for taking this postion.

I admere what you have been doing for wheelchair curling and provide a place for curlers to post comments but hiding from your comments should not have been allowed.

Thank you for at least making people back the staements they make with some type of identity.