Thursday, July 24, 2008

Canada adopts WCF rules, less a minute

The Canadian Curling Association will adopt the revised rules for competition adopted by the World Curling Federation in their biennial rules committee meeting this June (see previous post).

Games will be 8 ends, and the delivery zone widened. Clubs with active wheelchair curling programs or hosting national competitions will be expected to have guidelines running 18 inches either side of the centre line. These will be in addition, as reader Bruce Cameron noted, to the lines many clubs already have that run down the sheet from the edge of the 4 foot.

Canadian games will, however, be at least a minute a side shorter as each team will be allowed 67 minutes rather than the WCF's mandated 68; a decision that will amuse long time followers of the relationship between the CCA and the WCF.

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Bruce Cameron said...

The 18" line that clubs are expected to have as guidelines will be in addition to those already in place at most clubs. The guidelines in place at most clubs are 24" either side of centre which corresponds with the edge of the 4 foot.
I know the CCA has not historically immediately fallen in line with the WCF rule changes....but for the sake of a minute. The CCA also historically always eventually comes in line.....example free guard zone ....

Bruce Cameron