Tuesday, April 1, 2008

BC repeat as National Champs, beat Ontario 8-6

Team BC 2008
left to right: Jim Armstrong (skip), Frank LaBounty (3rd), Vince Miele (alternate), Jackie Roy (lead) and Whitney Warren (2nd).

BC won their 2nd successive championship as they overcame an early deficit to beat Ontario 8-6 in the final of the 2008 TSX Canadian National Championship.

BC began with the hammer and gave up an immediate steal of 2 on a measurement when their last rock hit rolled too far. In the second they gave up another steal when their last rock draw was short, again on a measurement.

In the third, with Ontario ahead 3-0, a great draw by BC 2nd Whitney Warren led to a succession of guards, and a couple of accurate hits by BC skip Jim Armstrong that scored 4 for a 4-3 lead at the break.

Ontario skip Chris Rees faced big trouble with his final stone in the 4th and was heavy with his draw, giving up a steal of 3. He was gifted 3 straight back when a succession of missed hits from BC, attempting to keep the rings clear, allowed Ontario to pull within one, 7-6 after 5.

In the final end, Rees made a great last shot, picking out BC's shot rock that was half buried, and rolling to the back 8’, covered and shot rock. BC had to draw full 8’ for the win and though Jim Armstrong's draw looked as though it might be heavy, it stopped back 4 for the win and their second national championship.

For full information about the 2008 TSX Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championships visit this link

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